Aldon Walabey

Cleric | Survivor | Hunted 


Aldon Walabey 25 yrs old 45 pounds (avg) 3'1" At first glance, Aldon's smile is what stands out most. It's a warm smile, wide with thin lips and slightly lifted at both corners. Whenever he smiles, dimples can be observed, accentuating his young round face. His eyes, down turned and a deep emerald color, hide a sadness/regret that only those who are very keen may pick up on. His nose is short, coming to a pointed tip. Ears are slightly low on his face, pointed and tilted back at a low angle. His hair is short, messy, light green in color. Light brown tanned skin. Slim build with wider shoulders. Not very fashionable, simple, but likes to maintain his clothing/armor. Has a metallic chained necklace with an emblem of a curved 'W' in the front and 'Family. Honor. Profit.' Has a Mace, handle made of Dark oak, and curved handle at his side.

Personality and Background;

 Curious, kind, not very confident though he tries to present himself otherwise. Always trying to become stronger for reasons that may be discovered later.

On this journey, Aldon has since discovered that a cult is responsible for killing his clan, and he had faced off with the cult who provided a champion to fight in Ürsnæ's tournee. He is 26 now, and finding a god named Pelor behind the Losle goddess he has worshiped.