Kyra Ryder

Paladin | cursed | Runaway 

Kyra Ryder is a tall, solidly built human female with red hair and hazel eyes. She’s about 24, and seems simultaneously worldly and sheltered, though she can certainly hold her own in a fight. She travels with a swaybacked mare named Betsy that she loves dearly. 

She thought she wanted freedom, and dreamt her whole life of finding adventure in the great wide somewhere. Her first foray outside her home had disastrous consequences that she ran away from, the guilt and responsibility dogging her all the way. She longs for friends and childishly loves the discovery of new things, but fears destroying it all with the secrets she carries.

She travels with the party in hopes of learning more to aid her, seeking knowledge in books and unknown gods. Perhaps she will gain the courage to turn and face what she runs from, and the strength to let the party help her when she does.