Cato Sturges

Ranger | Sailor | Killer


 Beyond the outfit, Cato is 32 years old, 6' tall and about 195 lbs. He has tough tanned skin from his time atop the rigging of sailing ships. With black hair that he keeps somewhat trim, never letting it grow past his shoulders. He keeps clean shaven out of habit. He had to keep his face a canvas for disguises while he crewed with the Mimicry Pirates.

Personality and Background;

 Backstory-wise what you'd learn about Cato is he grew up on the coast outside of a port town, Saphyr. It was just his mom (Flora), and a druid (Chasta) that also lived nearby. His mother ended up on the outskirts of town due to an event hidden from him, but it made the people of Saphyr angry at Flora, so she fled. If it wasn't for Chosta's help Flora would not have survived out away from Saphyr. Chosta is also responsible for Cato's knowledge of the natrual world. Cato didn't have the aptitude to study the druidic arts, though he still feels a deep connection to the natural world around him. Eventually he took up a career in sailing. Wanderlust is common for a young person, and that desire took him out to the seas. His first gig was aboard the Tangier, led by Captain Pruitt. He'll talk really highly of that first crew. They treated him well, and taught him a lot about the sailing life. After working on various ships over the year, and falling into a dirtbag phase, he lost a bet and got mixed up with the mimicry pirates. Cato became an unwilling pirate who excelled at the job. Many sailors died by his blade. The work came at a moral cost that he never wanted to pay, and eventually could no longer bear. After four years he was finally able to extricate himself from the Mimicry Pirates, at the the cost of his pinkie and a mark on his soul. Now he is trying to put that chapter of his life behind him. He is from Saphyr and family remains there for him. Wanderlust drove him away from his home, and homesickness called him back to his mother.

After an air sailing career of shipping and piracy, Cato is given a quest to return to an endangered Saphyr.