Lore of Aezeron

The Continent

Aezeron is a large landmass separated by an internal mountain range. 

"Aezeron, our world, is kept safe by a candle. Beyond living memory, Aezeron was plagued with war, strife and darkness in the form of Jolinaxes, the Demonic Dragon Lord. Two deities Lozlei and Arbmohs- with their chosen champions- banished Jolinaxes with the light of a sacred candle made from all corners of the world. The candle lit peace over Aezeron. Soon legend became myth and fell -out of the eye of historians. Yet, a new candle must be formed as it wanes. The tradition continues." 

The Dead and Dying

When you die- no diamond dust brings you back.


Magic's around, but there hasn't been monsters. (Until now)

Flora & Fauna

Plants are generally the same, as are creatures. But here's a very detailed oddly specific sketch library as they're mentioned and encountered!


Long ago, four nations lived in harmony, but everything changed when a dragon attacked?