Seirryth Al'Dedannan

Rogue | Archaeologist | Noble

Seirryth Al’Dedannan- (Seh-r^rei- eth, but Sir-Rye-Eth to humans,) is a relatively young elf at one hundred and twenty six years of age. They’re a little strange as far as elves go, and also for an elf, according to nearly everyone. Born to a family of high ranking Diplomats from the Western Territories to the Central Alliance, Seirryth has had to bear the burden of both expectation & apathy. 

They have a horrible feeling that at the root of truth lies a terrible end to the Western Territories. Compacted with the recent loss of a close friend, and their challenges navigating third culture identity, they want to prove their self, and disentangle their natural gifts from what they wish to be admired and told they should be for. 

If you ask Seirryth ‘why this journey’,  they would answer simply; they hope to be able to trust their own mind again, having found critical flaws with their life’s work of archeology, and thusly their world view. They hope to discover the lies in laws, dissect the reason in traditions, and remove the illusions that have guided world views for a century and a quarter too long.